Adopter SPH Foundation and Singapore Zoo Celebrates 16th Birthday of Polar Bear INUKA

Adopted by the SPH Foundation for 2007, Singapore Zoo's beloved polar bear Inuka celebrated his 16th birthday on Boxing Day, 26 December 2006. The polar bear was previously adopted by SPH for the last 16 years.

At the celebration, a special polar bear ice carving as well as a birthday cake made of ice and carrots were presented to Inuka. Representatives from SPH Foundation, as well as SPH Wildlife Buddies, SPH Conservation Ambassadors and the winners of the SPH Foundation Polar Bear conservation contest were present to wish Inuka "Happy Birthday".

The birthday event marked the culmination of a series of conservation and educational activities the Zoo organised to raise awareness of the polar bear conservation effort during the December holidays.

Said Ms Ginney Lim, General Manager of SPH Foundation, "We are pleased to continue with the adoption of Inuka. Through the polar bears, many of us have learnt much about Arctic animals. The SPH Foundation will continue to work with the Singapore Zoo to devise meaningful programmes to inculcate community responsibility and wildlife conservation, which is one of the core objectives of the Foundation."

With Inuka's 29-year-old mother Sheba now past the average 25-year lifespan for polar bears, the Zoo has plans, following her demise, to send Inuka to another zoological institution where he can contribute to the global captive breeding effort. In line with its Rainforest Zoo positioning, Singapore Zoo will be focusing more on species from the tropical rainforest and does not intend to bring in any more Arctic animals.

SPH & SPH Foundation have been contributors to the Wildlife Conservation Singapore Fund since 1990. The Wildlife Conservation Singapore Fund was established by the Singapore Zoological Gardens and is an Institution of Public Character (IPC) and a registered charity. It funds research, conservation and education programs as well as the welfare and feeding of only endangered/threatened animals in Singapore Zoo and Night Safari.


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