On the ball with Tchoukball - SPH Foundation Inter Primary Tchoukball Championships 2012

At first glance, the sport resembles a bit of handball, basketball and volleyball, all rolled into one sport. 

But unlike other team sports, there is no physical contact and the players cannot intercept the opposing team’s passes. 

Welcome to the world of Tchoukball (pronounced as “chook-ball”).

SPH Foundation was the title sponsor for the Inter Primary (Senior division – Primary 6 level) Tchoukball Championships 2012 held at the St Anthony’s Primary School on 21-22 May. A total of 13 schools and 20 teams signed up. The Junior division (for Primary 4-5 levels) will be played in November. 

First introduced in 1970s by Dr Herman Brandt, a Swiss physician and physical educator, the game is played actively in Europe, North America and Asia. In Singapore, it is a popular sport in the secondary schools and tertiary institutions. Tchoukball has also been introduced to more than 40 primary schools over the last six years.

A modified version of the sport is played at the primary school level, usually in an indoor court. Each game is made up of two periods of seven minutes each. Players can score at both ends by throwing a ball against a frame (similar to a mini-trampoline), within three passes. 

The attacking team scores a point if the defending team fails to catch the ball after it rebounds off the frame. The defending team earns the point if the ball falls outside the playing area or within the forbidden zone or hits the attacking player. 

Tchoukball emphasizes on speed, teamwork and strategy, and the need for communication and situation awareness. It can be easily picked up by students of all ages, regardless of physical and sporting abilities. It is also considered a safe sport that has won the approval of schools, parents and the students themselves.

More than 250 supporters including teachers and parents, were present over two days’ of intense competition. Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School won the boys category while the girls category was clinched by Tampines North Primary School. 



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