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Junyuan Primary School hosts 4th edition of SPH Foundation National Primary Schools Tchoukball Championships

The Junior Division (for boys and girls aged 11 years and under) finals of the SPH Foundation National Primary Schools Tchoukball Championships was held over 2 days on 13 and 16 November.

Into its fourth edition, a total of 16 boy teams and 10 girl teams participated in the finals, held at Junyuan Primary School. At the end of a nail-biting final, Greendale Primary School edged out St Anthony Primary School 3-2 to win the boys' title. Greendale's senior counterparts were also champions of the boys' category held earlier in May this year.

Junyuan Primary School, playing in front of their home supporters, were winners in the girls' category, while the runners-up spot went to Beacon Primary School.

Tchoukball is a non-contact team sport that was invented in 1970 and emphasises on speed, teamwork and strategy. It involves a unique set of rules and elements of volleyball, basketball and handball. The sport can be played by anyone regardless of varying physical and sporting abilities.

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